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Artist Sample Print Cards - Sample Prints From Gallery Renee

Artist Sample Print Cards are similar to Artist Trading Cards (ATC)and are available for each limited edition giclee print in this Art Gallery Web Site

Request a free Artist Sample Print Card and preview your limited edition giclee print before you buy.

  • Did you know that you can order an Artist Sample Print Card of any print ready image at this web site art gallery before you buy your full size limited edition giclee print?
  • The image on the sample card is a nice size, with the smaller edge of the image being 3.75".
  • The image on the sample cards is in full color and perfect proportion to the full size limited edition print.
  • Artist Sample Print Cards are printed on the same paper and with the same ink as the full size print.
  • This allows you to preview the detail, quality and color of the full sized printed image.
  • The card itself fits neatly into a standard # ten letter envelope.
  • Your only cost for this beautiful miniature Giclee Print is $1.00 to cover your return postage and handling.
  • Simply use the Buy A Sample Print Button for the images in which you are interested. Limit three please.
  • Your requested samples will be mailed to you in your self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope.
  • Shipment of samples are through the U.S. mail.

The image bellow shows you what your sample card will look like.

artist sample print card image free offer request by email

     Artist Sample Print Cards were invented as a promotional tool for the self-publishing artist or any artist really who finds themselves facing the daunting task of promoting their art and prints. Artist Sample Print Cards are a convenient size as they fit into a standard #10 envelope making them easy to mail by regular mail and at reasonable rates. The size is easy to print on the artist's production printer and, when done well, represents the full size Giclee Print faithfully. Artists can leave these attractive cards with friendly business for customers to see and take. Artist Sample Print Cards can be used in mailing announcements such as new releases or gallery events.

    Artist Sample Print Cards have some similarity to Artist Trading Cards. There are however some important differences.

  • Size: An Artist Sample Print Card has an image that measures 3.75" on the smaller side. The larger side is determined by the proportion of the original image and varies to accommodate and maintain the image's proportions. It is larger overall to include artist and print information on the front. Artist Trading Cards are a smaller standardized size identical to sports trading cards, the image may be altered to fit this standard size, and artist information is generally on the back of the card.
  • Purpose: Artist Sample Print Cards are more promotional in nature allowing artists to extend their audience to people who may not see their shows, gallery, or website.  Artist Trading Cards  are often used by artists to share their work with each other and are traded between just two artists or distributed in circuits for a group of artists to view. Many artists feel Artist Trading Cards should never be sold and should only be exchanged or traded. It should be noted that there is some element of promotionality in the Artist Trading Cards as well as the Artist Sample Print Cards. There is also a growing market for both of these cards.
  • Collectability: Artist Trading Cards  maybe printed, hand drawn or hand crafted. They can be collected based on their content or the artist who created the card. Artist Sample Print Cards are miniature works of art and can be as collectible as Artist Trading Cards with the understanding that great care and effort went into making the printed cards. As a collectible Artist Sample Print Cards have the potential to give the public access to an artist's body of work.
  • Artist Information: Artist Sample Print Cards include artist and print information on the front of the card. Artist Trading Cards generally have this information on the back of the card since there is no room for it on the front. Artist and print information on the front of the Artist Sample Print Card gives the viewer instant access to this information and hopefully can generate interest in the artist by associating the image with the artist's name.  

 All of the images at Gallery Renee are available as limited edition giclee prints and come with a certificate of authenticity.
Email for your free artist print sample card  and preview your limited edition giclee print before you buy it.