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Fine Art Originals, Limited Edition Giclee Prints, and Needlepoint Canvases For Sale
Artist Renee FW Lichtman
*Each print comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity *Preview your prints with Artist Sample Print Cards
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Hidden Talent Art Galleries Reseller for Prints by Renee Lichtman
Hidden Talent Art Publishing Publisher and Distributor of Fine Art Giclee Prints and Needlepoint Canvases by Renee Lichtman

Certificates of Authenticity for Limited Edition Prints at Gallery Renee

All Giclee Prints in this Art Gallery Web Site come with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

A Certificate Of Authenticity provides you with:

  • proof of ownership 
  • the details of your Giclee print's creation
  • a tool to assist in authentication of your Giclee Print
  • a tool to assist in the resale of your Giclee Print

A Certificate Of Authenticity includes:

  • a thumbnail of your image
  • the image title
  • dimensions of both the printed image and paper the image is on
  • the edition number
  • the edition size
  • print number
  • printing date
  • printer used
  • ink type
  • paper type
  • and the artist's signature

All images at Gallery Renee are $75.00 for a limited edition giclee print on 13" x 19" paper and $90.00 for limited edition prints on 17" x 22" paper.
Request an Artist Sample Print Card and preview your print before you buy.