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Artist Renee FW Lichtman
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Artist's Statement - Renee FW Lichtman

     I can't imagine my life without creating art work. It happens that I go for long periods without working, life is full of mundane things. But I am always drawn back to the creative process and working on images.
     The act of creating  is it's own justification and reward. I am in love with the process and bringing something never seen before to life. I love lines, and colors, and textures. I love taking what I see and applying my rules, techniques, and sense of color and line to an image.
      I often do decorative abstracts just to play with those elements. Eventually I return to realism. By applying my rules and sensibilities to it, realistic subject matter becomes mine too. It is no longer what I saw but what I want the viewer to see.
     I am not always in complete control. A working image can surprise me, demanding treatment I may not have expected. The result is usually better than if I had ignored the demand.
     Most of my images were left hidden in portfolios, silent and unseen. Without the element of communication they were incomplete. For this reason I am delighted that we are in the digital age. The computer is an incredible tool for artists. It helps me create, manage, reproduce, publish, share and promote my art.
     My scanner has turned my images into digital files instantly transmittable and infinitely workable. My web gallery has brought my art out of the portfolios, and my printer has made it possible for my to reproduce and share my art images.

I hope this web gallery and the art images on it bring you some small pleasure.
Renee FW Lichtman