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Artist Renee FW Lichtman
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Artist Biography - Renee FW Lichtman

Short biography of Staten Island artist Renee Lichtman

Renee FW Lichtman was born in Brooklyn, New York where she attended public schools before attending the Fine Art Program at F.I.T. from September 1976 to June 1978. Training at F.I.T. included study of still life, landscape and figure drawing in pencil, charcoal, and pastel. She studied painting with Don Perless and Stephan Choscka. Renee studied additive as well as subtractive sculpture with Jerry Luisi. Print making was studied in great detail. Printing with stone lithography, steel plate etching, wood block printing, linoleum block printing and silk screen printing were explored. After graduating from F.I.T. Renee settled down to continue her art in private, working with ballpoint pens and taking this medium to a surprising new level.

As well as receiving a solid classical foundation at F.I.T. in manual techniques, Renee is also adept at using digital tools. She often employs scanners, image processing programs and printers to study and develop ideas, or changes for her art images. She also uses these tools to develop meticulously crafted limited edition prints of her art images. After developing the skills to print for herself Renee began offering printing services for other artists, turning their work into open and limited edition prints.

For nearly two years Renee and her husband Keith opened and curetted the art gallery and framing shop, Hidden Talent Art and Framing located in Prince's Bay on Staten Island, New York. Although the physical venue is now closed HiddenTalent Art Galleries still exists as an online art gallery for artists who had shows with HiddenTalent in the physical gallery and also incorporates artists who signed with the website after the shop closed. Renee runs this online entity along with a sister site HiddenTalent Art Publishing.

 Renee continues to develop and push the quality and content of her art work. She does so in both her signature ballpoint pen technique as well as mediums such as pastels and paints. Renee is actively showing her work at shows and fairs on Staten Island. Most recently Renee has begun to print a few selected designs onto needlepoint canvas. Renee can be reached by email at
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Cell phone: 347 993 5454