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Fine Art Originals, Limited Edition Giclee Prints, and Needlepoint Canvases For Sale
Artist Renee FW Lichtman
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Hidden Talent Art Publishing Publisher and Distributor of Fine Art Giclee Prints and Needlepoint Canvases by Renee Lichtman

About Gallery Renee - Fine Art Gallery for Renee FW Lichtman

Fine Art For Sale

Gallery Renee began in 1999 as a showcase for the unique fine art images created by a little known and talented artist Renee FW Lichtman.

Gallery Renee currently offers:

  • Original Art Work
     Renee Lichtman's original and very unique paintings and drawings are for sale from this website.
  • Limited Edition Signed Prints
    Renee creates high quality, signed and numbered, Limited Edition Prints from her original art works and art photography. Renee's art prints are crafted using only pigmented archival inks and papers. These are high quality ink jet prints which will last beautifully in your home or office.
  • Artist Embellished Prints
    Artist sometimes take a finished print and add hand drawn, hand painted or hand crafted elements such as foils mosaics or beads to the work. This is called an embellished print. Often these rare pieces become unique art works instead of simply a print.
  • Needlepoint Canvases
    Needlepoint Canvases printed on white mono 100% cotton needlepoint canvas for you to stitch, created from selected art images in Renee Lichtman's portfolio.
  • Artists Sample Print Cards
    Artist Sample Print Cards are a perfect preview of the full size Limited Edition Giclee Print.
    Printed on the same paper using the same ink as the full size print they give an excellent preview of your Limited Edition Giclee Print.
    Artist sample print cards are available for any print in production at Gallery Renee.
    Learn what an Artist Sample Print Card is and how you can get a sample card of Renee Lichtman's art work for free.
  • Artist for Hire for Commissioned Art Work
    Renee Lichtman is available for commissioned art work, bringing her unique sense of style, line, and color to your project. Ask about commissioning an original work of art.
  • Email list
    Gallery Renee is building an email list for announcements and special offers. This list will not be shared or sold and addresses will not be exposed to other recipients on the email list. If you are interested send an email to
  • More Information
    Many different works of art, photography and needlepoint canvases are in production and available for sale. If you need more information on any image you can request that information from Using the title of your print in the subject line will help us spot your request.
  • Complete Listing of all of Renee Lichtman's Image Titles
    Visit the Title List page. There you will find an alphabetical list, and small thumbnails, for all of the images currently in production.